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Lesson 2- Managing Unforced Errors

  "I know it's deuce- but don't worry,
I make this shot all the time."

If you're to BEAT your opponents, you must first know how to stop giving away points your opponent has not earned. These points are called "Unforced Errors".

Unforced errors are at the root of many a lost match. An "unforced error" is when you miss a shot that, given your ability and the situation, you should have executed successfully.

Many unforced errors can be eliminated by choosing a target and stroke technique that's appropriate for your level and the situation. For example: you're receiving serve at deuce, late in the third set, this is NOT a time to get too fancy with your target or stroke technique.

Choose a target that's appropriate for the situation. Shorten your backswing, take a little pace off the return and place your shot to a target you KNOW you can hit. This takes the pressure off you and transfers it to your opponent.

Choose appropriate targets for your ability and the situation. Then, watch your unforced errors decline like magic!


Best wishes for never-ending improvement,
Steve Tourdo


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