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Lesson 3- Hit the right shot from the right place on the court.

  Steady from the "entrance zone"
End points from the "net zone".

Our topic this time is whether you should play from the baseline or the net. Matches can be claimed from either position. However, your court position should reflect your tactical intentions.

When playing from the baseline ("Entrance Zone" -as I like to call it) you should rally consistently moving your opponent around the court in an attempt to tire them and encourage them to make unforced errors. If you try to hit winners or sharp angles from the baseline, your errors will increase.

When in front of the service line ("Net Zone") you should try to end the point by using angles or by pressuring the opponent to hit superior passing shots. If you play your net shots down the middle, you will experience the downside of lost reaction time and little of the upside benefit of your increased angle possibilities.

Play the appropriate shot from each area and you will experience success.w

Steady when at the baseline... angles to end the point when at the net.

Best wishes for never-ending improvement,
Steve Tourdo



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