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Lesson 4- You don't have to hit hard.

  "Hey...I got one in!."

You don't have to hit the ball hard to have a BIG game.

Consistency is a weapon just like a big forehand or serve. The only difference is it begins with the proper mindset. Consistent players value every shot they hit. In their minds, one big impressive shot does not make up for 3 errors.

If you're losing to more consistent players because you feel they were weak players you SHOULD beat, keep this in mind: they fall back on consistency because they don't have a larger forehand or serve than you and there are only two ways to emerge victorious: (1) beat your opponent with superior firepower (2) be steady and hope your opponent makes unforced errors.

Firepower built on a consistent base has tremendous value. Your right to hit hard should be rolled on slowly, much like driving a car. When you can control the vehicle at slow speeds, you earn the right to move faster.

To increase your consistency you must first value EVERY shot. If shots are cheap, you'll just give them away. Make up your mind you will not miss a single shot. YOU are not someone who misses. Start this attitude in warm up and continue it into each match. You may have to cut your power a bit at first to get the results you want but as your consistency increases you can begin to add power again.

Choose a level appropriate target and simply REFUSE TO MISS.

Best wishes for never-ending improvement,
Steve Tourdo




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