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Here's what players are saying about Unlimited Strokes!!.

Unlimited Strokes!!

"I recently purchased your Unlimited Strokes DVD and I wanted to thank you for making an excellent video! It has helped my tennis significantly in the three short weeks I have owned it. I need to thank you for Unlimited Doubles too! I've had it for 4 years and it is the best doubles book I've ever seen."
Ron West , 4.0 - Augusta, MI

"I recently purchased your DVD "Unlimited Strokes" and I had to let you
know what I thought of it. I'm a 3.5 player, and I haven't been able
to play for a few weeks because of an injury. I came across
"Unlimited Strokes" while browsing the web, and I missed playing so
much that I bought it even though I already have every instruction
video imaginable and, to be honest, I doubted whether your DVD had
anything new to add. I was very pleasantly surprised with your
approach and its focus on the three critical elements. Watching it
made me realize that much of my practice is not as efficient as it can
be, because I often focus on the many little details that tend to take
care of themselves (footwork, turning, etc) instead of
preparation/contact/follow-through. It also helped me understand how
some players with obvious weaknesses can still win - they just pay
more attention to the three things that count most!

As for the video itself, I appreciated your use of graphics and
multiple camera angles when you demonstrated each shot. I also like
how you teach - I find many instructors are either too enthusiastic or
speak in a monotone. I prefer your quiet but encouraging approach.
To sum up, "Unlimited Strokes" is a polished and professional DVD, and
I know I'll refer to it many times."
Bill G, 3.5 -Chelmsford, Mass.

"Unlimited Strokes!! was incredibly helpful for me. Steve makes hitting the ball look SO EASY. Thanks for a great product. I can't wait to get on the court and do the drill."
Carolyne Forsman, 3.5 -Mass.

"Very simple- and I didn't need to buy six videos to learn what to do. Unlimited Strokes is very easy to learn and improve from. My game is instantly better."
Jamie McQuowan, 3.0 -Sacramento, CA

"Steve, I'm going to throw away all these other videos I have on my self. Yours is the only one I need! Unlimited Strokes makes it all sooo easy. Thank you."
Brenda, 2.5 -Odessa, TX

"I had no idea it was THIS EASY to improve my strokes. I've been playing for years and struggling with the standard issues: stroke breakdown under pressure, lack of topspin on my backhand, even hitting my leg with the racket when I serve. Unlimited Strokes!! addressed all these issues and more. The visualization section makes hitting the ball look SO easy and effortless. This is the best $39.95 I've ever spent. Thank you Steve."
Martin- Tampa, FL

"I have 8 tennis videos from various coaches but I have learned more from Unlimited Strokes!! than all the others put together. I REALLY liked the "Common Challenges" section. The drill is also excellent."
Chris Deboise- Boulder, CO

"Everywhere I travel I take a tennis lesson. I'll bet I have taken 200 lessons from 50 different instructors. It's disturbing to think I could learn more in one little video than from all those private lessons. Thank you for your help."
Torrie Camp- San Francisco, CA

"I just received your DVD titled Unlimited Strokes and wanted to thank you. With on viewing and one practice on picking and hitting a target my doubles game improved dramatically. In a match lasting 37 games I had only one return picked off by the net man! I made less errors and increased the my shot quality at the same time. Thank you."
Roger Dahl - Detroit, MI

"The beauty of this DVD is that it simplifies, to the essence, the fundamental and universal components of good strokes. As someone who is susceptible to having too many swing "thoughts", I found this teaching to be very helpful to clear my mind of the clutter and focus on a sound and fundamental-based approach to hitting the ball. I found this very helpful."
Bob Farese- Kentfield, CA

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